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apr_general.h File Reference

APR Miscellaneous library routines. More...

#include "apr.h"
#include "apr_pools.h"
#include "apr_errno.h"
#include <signal.h>

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#define APR_ASCII_BLANK   '\040'
#define APR_ASCII_CR   '\015'
#define APR_ASCII_LF   '\012'
#define APR_ASCII_TAB   '\011'
#define APR_OFFSET(p_type, field)   ((long) (((char *) (&(((p_type)NULL)->field))) - ((char *) NULL)))
#define APR_OFFSETOF(s_type, field)   APR_OFFSET(s_type*,field)
#define APR_ALIGN(size, boundary)   (((size) + ((boundary) - 1)) & ~((boundary) - 1))
#define APR_ALIGN_DEFAULT(size)   APR_ALIGN(size, 8)


typedef int apr_signum_t


apr_status_t apr_initialize (void)
apr_status_t apr_app_initialize (int *argc, char const *const **argv, char const *const **env)
void apr_terminate (void)
void apr_terminate2 (void)
apr_status_t apr_generate_random_bytes (unsigned char *buf, apr_size_t length)

Detailed Description

APR Miscellaneous library routines.

This is collection of oddballs that didn't fit anywhere else, and might move to more appropriate headers with the release of APR 1.0.