Bug List

Global apr_proc_t::invoked
This should either always or never be present in release builds - since it breaks binary compatibility. We may enable it always in APR 1.0 yet leave it undefined in most cases.

Global apr_dso_load
We aught to provide an alternative to RTLD_GLOBAL, which is the only supported method of loading DSOs today.

Global apr_proc_other_child_register
write_fd duplicates the proc->out stream, it's really redundant and should be replaced in the APR 1.0 API with a bitflag of which proc->in/out/err handles should be health checked.

no platform currently tests the pipes health.

Global apr_proc_wait_all_procs
Passing proc as a *proc rather than **proc was an odd choice for some platforms... this should be revisited in 1.0

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