Apache Portable Runtime
Apache Portability Runtime library


 Platform Definitions
 Internal Memory Allocation
 Atomic Operations
 Dynamic Object Handling
 Functions for manipulating the environment
 Error Codes
 Escape functions
 File Information
 File I/O Handling Functions
 Filename Matching Functions
 Miscellaneous library routines
 Command Argument Parsing
 Global Locking Routines
 Hash Tables
 General Purpose Library Routines
 MMAP (Memory Map) Routines
 Network Routines
 Poll Routines
 Memory Pool Functions
 Portability Routines
 Process Locking Routines
 Random Functions
 Ring Macro Implementations
 Shared Memory Routines
 Signal Handling
 Skip list implementation
 String routines
 Internal APR support functions
 Table and Array Functions
 Condition Variable Routines
 Thread Mutex Routines
 Threads and Process Functions
 Reader/Writer Lock Routines
 Time Routines
 User and Group ID Services

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