MD5 Routines

Data Structures

struct  apr_md5_ctx_t


#define APR_MD5_DIGESTSIZE   16


typedef apr_md5_ctx_t apr_md5_ctx_t


apr_status_t apr_md5_init (apr_md5_ctx_t *context)
apr_status_t apr_md5_set_xlate (apr_md5_ctx_t *context, apr_xlate_t *xlate)
apr_status_t apr_md5_update (apr_md5_ctx_t *context, const void *input, apr_size_t inputLen)
apr_status_t apr_md5_final (unsigned char digest[APR_MD5_DIGESTSIZE], apr_md5_ctx_t *context)
apr_status_t apr_md5 (unsigned char digest[APR_MD5_DIGESTSIZE], const void *input, apr_size_t inputLen)
apr_status_t apr_md5_encode (const char *password, const char *salt, char *result, apr_size_t nbytes)
apr_status_t apr_password_validate (const char *passwd, const char *hash)

Define Documentation

#define APR_MD5_DIGESTSIZE   16

The MD5 digest size



Typedef Documentation

typedef struct apr_md5_ctx_t apr_md5_ctx_t

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Function Documentation

apr_status_t apr_md5 ( unsigned char  digest[APR_MD5_DIGESTSIZE],
const void *  input,
apr_size_t  inputLen 

MD5 in one step

digest The final MD5 digest
input The message block to use
inputLen The length of the message block

apr_status_t apr_md5_encode ( const char *  password,
const char *  salt,
char *  result,
apr_size_t  nbytes 

Encode a password using an MD5 algorithm

password The password to encode
salt The salt to use for the encoding
result The string to store the encoded password in
nbytes The length of the string

apr_status_t apr_md5_final ( unsigned char  digest[APR_MD5_DIGESTSIZE],
apr_md5_ctx_t context 

MD5 finalization. Ends an MD5 message-digest operation, writing the message digest and zeroing the context

digest The final MD5 digest
context The MD5 content we are finalizing.

apr_status_t apr_md5_init ( apr_md5_ctx_t context  ) 

MD5 Initialize. Begins an MD5 operation, writing a new context.

context The MD5 context to initialize.

apr_status_t apr_md5_set_xlate ( apr_md5_ctx_t context,
apr_xlate_t xlate 

MD5 translation setup. Provides the APR translation handle to be used for translating the content before calculating the digest.

context The MD5 content to set the translation for.
xlate The translation handle to use for this MD5 context

apr_status_t apr_md5_update ( apr_md5_ctx_t context,
const void *  input,
apr_size_t  inputLen 

MD5 block update operation. Continue an MD5 message-digest operation, processing another message block, and updating the context.

context The MD5 content to update.
input next message block to update
inputLen The length of the next message block

apr_status_t apr_password_validate ( const char *  passwd,
const char *  hash 

Validate any password encypted with any algorithm that APR understands

passwd The password to validate
hash The password to validate against

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