String matching routines
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Data Structures

struct  apr_strmatch_pattern


typedef apr_strmatch_pattern apr_strmatch_pattern


const char * apr_strmatch (const apr_strmatch_pattern *pattern, const char *s, apr_size_t slen)
const apr_strmatch_patternapr_strmatch_precompile (apr_pool_t *p, const char *s, int case_sensitive)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct apr_strmatch_pattern apr_strmatch_pattern

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Function Documentation

const char* apr_strmatch ( const apr_strmatch_pattern pattern,
const char *  s,
apr_size_t  slen 

Search for a precompiled pattern within a string

pattern The pattern
s The string in which to search for the pattern
slen The length of s (excluding null terminator)
A pointer to the first instance of the pattern in s, or NULL if not found

const apr_strmatch_pattern* apr_strmatch_precompile ( apr_pool_t *  p,
const char *  s,
int  case_sensitive 

Precompile a pattern for matching using the Boyer-Moore-Horspool algorithm

p The pool from which to allocate the pattern
s The pattern string
case_sensitive Whether the matching should be case-sensitive
a pointer to the compiled pattern, or NULL if compilation fails

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