[APR Utility Functions]


namespace  Apache

Data Structures

struct  apr_text
struct  apr_text_header
struct  apr_xml_attr
struct  apr_xml_elem
struct  apr_xml_doc


#define APR_XML_NS_DAV_ID   0
#define APR_XML_NS_NONE   -10
#define APR_XML_NS_ERROR_BASE   -100
#define APR_XML_X2T_FULL   0
#define APR_XML_X2T_INNER   1
#define APR_XML_X2T_LANG_INNER   2
#define APR_XML_X2T_FULL_NS_LANG   3
#define APR_XML_GET_URI_ITEM(ary, i)   (((const char * const *)(ary)->elts)[i])


typedef apr_text apr_text
typedef apr_text_header apr_text_header
typedef apr_xml_attr apr_xml_attr
typedef apr_xml_elem apr_xml_elem
typedef apr_xml_doc apr_xml_doc
typedef apr_xml_parser apr_xml_parser


void apr_text_append (apr_pool_t *p, apr_text_header *hdr, const char *text)
apr_xml_parserapr_xml_parser_create (apr_pool_t *pool)
apr_status_t apr_xml_parse_file (apr_pool_t *p, apr_xml_parser **parser, apr_xml_doc **ppdoc, apr_file_t *xmlfd, apr_size_t buffer_length)
apr_status_t apr_xml_parser_feed (apr_xml_parser *parser, const char *data, apr_size_t len)
apr_status_t apr_xml_parser_done (apr_xml_parser *parser, apr_xml_doc **pdoc)
char * apr_xml_parser_geterror (apr_xml_parser *parser, char *errbuf, apr_size_t errbufsize)
void apr_xml_to_text (apr_pool_t *p, const apr_xml_elem *elem, int style, apr_array_header_t *namespaces, int *ns_map, const char **pbuf, apr_size_t *psize)
const char * apr_xml_empty_elem (apr_pool_t *p, const apr_xml_elem *elem)
const char * apr_xml_quote_string (apr_pool_t *p, const char *s, int quotes)
void apr_xml_quote_elem (apr_pool_t *p, apr_xml_elem *elem)
int apr_xml_insert_uri (apr_array_header_t *uri_array, const char *uri)

Define Documentation

#define APR_XML_ELEM_IS_EMPTY (  ) 


((e)->first_child == NULL && \
                                  (e)->first_cdata.first == NULL)
Is this XML element empty?

#define APR_XML_GET_URI_ITEM ( ary,
 )     (((const char * const *)(ary)->elts)[i])

Get the URI item for this XML element

#define APR_XML_NS_DAV_ID   0

namespace ID for "DAV:"

#define APR_XML_NS_ERROR_BASE   -100

used only during processing

#define APR_XML_NS_IS_ERROR (  )     ((e) <= APR_XML_NS_ERROR_BASE)

Is this namespace an error?

#define APR_XML_NS_NONE   -10

no namespace for this elem/attr

#define APR_XML_X2T_FULL   0

start tag, contents, end tag

#define APR_XML_X2T_FULL_NS_LANG   3

FULL + ns defns + xml:lang

#define APR_XML_X2T_INNER   1

contents only

#define APR_XML_X2T_LANG_INNER   2

xml:lang + inner contents

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct apr_text apr_text

See also:

typedef struct apr_text_header apr_text_header

See also:

typedef struct apr_xml_attr apr_xml_attr

See also:

typedef struct apr_xml_doc apr_xml_doc

See also:

typedef struct apr_xml_elem apr_xml_elem

See also:

typedef struct apr_xml_parser apr_xml_parser

Opaque XML parser structure

Function Documentation

void apr_text_append ( apr_pool_t *  p,
apr_text_header hdr,
const char *  text 

Append a piece of text to the end of a list

p The pool to allocate out of
hdr The text header to append to
text The new text to append

const char* apr_xml_empty_elem ( apr_pool_t *  p,
const apr_xml_elem elem 

empty XML element

p The pool to allocate out of
elem The XML element to empty
the string that was stored in the XML element

int apr_xml_insert_uri ( apr_array_header_t *  uri_array,
const char *  uri 

return the URI's (existing) index, or insert it and return a new index

uri_array array to insert into
uri The uri to insert
int The uri's index

apr_status_t apr_xml_parse_file ( apr_pool_t *  p,
apr_xml_parser **  parser,
apr_xml_doc **  ppdoc,
apr_file_t *  xmlfd,
apr_size_t  buffer_length 

Parse a File, producing a xml_doc

p The pool for allocating the parse results.
parser A pointer to *parser (needed so calling function can get errors), will be set to NULL on successfull completion.
ppdoc A pointer to *apr_xml_doc (which has the parsed results in it)
xmlfd A file to read from.
buffer_length Buffer length which would be suitable
Any errors found during parsing.

apr_xml_parser* apr_xml_parser_create ( apr_pool_t *  pool  ) 

Create an XML parser

pool The pool for allocating the parser and the parse results.
The new parser.

apr_status_t apr_xml_parser_done ( apr_xml_parser parser,
apr_xml_doc **  pdoc 

Terminate the parsing and return the result

parser The XML parser for parsing this data.
pdoc The resulting parse information. May be NULL to simply terminate the parsing without fetching the info.
Any errors found during the final stage of parsing.
Use apr_xml_parser_geterror() to get more error information.

apr_status_t apr_xml_parser_feed ( apr_xml_parser parser,
const char *  data,
apr_size_t  len 

Feed input into the parser

parser The XML parser for parsing this data.
data The data to parse.
len The length of the data.
Any errors found during parsing.
Use apr_xml_parser_geterror() to get more error information.

char* apr_xml_parser_geterror ( apr_xml_parser parser,
char *  errbuf,
apr_size_t  errbufsize 

Fetch additional error information from the parser.

parser The XML parser to query for errors.
errbuf A buffer for storing error text.
errbufsize The length of the error text buffer.
The error buffer

void apr_xml_quote_elem ( apr_pool_t *  p,
apr_xml_elem elem 

Quote an XML element

p The pool to allocate out of
elem The element to quote

const char* apr_xml_quote_string ( apr_pool_t *  p,
const char *  s,
int  quotes 

quote an XML string Replace '<', '>', and '&' with '<', '>', and '&'.

p The pool to allocate out of
s The string to quote
quotes If quotes is true, then replace '"' with '"'.
The quoted string
If the string does not contain special characters, it is not duplicated into the pool and the original string is returned.

void apr_xml_to_text ( apr_pool_t *  p,
const apr_xml_elem elem,
int  style,
apr_array_header_t *  namespaces,
int *  ns_map,
const char **  pbuf,
apr_size_t *  psize 

Converts an XML element tree to flat text

p The pool to allocate out of
elem The XML element to convert
style How to covert the XML. One of:
     APR_XML_X2T_FULL                start tag, contents, end tag 
     APR_XML_X2T_INNER               contents only 
     APR_XML_X2T_LANG_INNER          xml:lang + inner contents 
     APR_XML_X2T_FULL_NS_LANG        FULL + ns defns + xml:lang 
namespaces The namespace of the current XML element
ns_map Namespace mapping
pbuf Buffer to put the converted text into
psize Size of the converted text

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