apr_anylock_t Struct Reference

#include <apr_anylock.h>

Public Types

enum  tm_lock {
  apr_anylock_none, apr_anylock_procmutex, apr_anylock_threadmutex, apr_anylock_readlock,

Data Fields

enum apr_anylock_t::tm_lock type
apr_anylock_t::apr_anylock_u_t lock

Data Structures

union  apr_anylock_u_t

Detailed Description

Structure that may contain any APR lock type

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum apr_anylock_t::tm_lock

Indicates what type of lock is in lock

apr_anylock_none  None
apr_anylock_procmutex  Process-based
apr_anylock_threadmutex  Thread-based
apr_anylock_readlock  Read lock
apr_anylock_writelock  Write lock

Field Documentation

enum apr_anylock_t::tm_lock apr_anylock_t::type

Indicates what type of lock is in lock

union apr_anylock_t::apr_anylock_u_t apr_anylock_t::lock

Union of all possible APR locks

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