[APR Utility Functions]

Data Structures

struct  apr_ldap_err_t
struct  apr_ldap_opt_tls_cert_t


#define APR_HAS_LDAP   1
#define APR_HAS_LDAP_SSL   1
#define LDAPS_PORT   636
#define APU_DECLARE_LDAP(type)   APU_DECLARE(type)
#define APR_LDAP_OPT_TLS   0x6fff
#define APR_LDAP_OPT_TLS_CERT   0x6ffe
#define APR_LDAP_OPT_VERIFY_CERT   0x6ffd
#define APR_LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS   0x6ffc
#define APR_LDAP_CA_TYPE_DER   1
#define APR_LDAP_CA_TYPE_BASE64   2
#define APR_LDAP_KEY_TYPE_DER   11
#define APR_LDAP_KEY_TYPE_BASE64   12
#define APR_LDAP_KEY_TYPE_PFX   14
#define APR_LDAP_NONE   0
#define APR_LDAP_SSL   1
#define APR_LDAP_STOPTLS   3


typedef struct


int apr_ldap_ssl_init (apr_pool_t *pool, const char *cert_auth_file, int cert_file_type, apr_ldap_err_t **result_err)
int apr_ldap_ssl_deinit (void)
int apr_ldap_init (apr_pool_t *pool, LDAP **ldap, const char *hostname, int portno, int secure, apr_ldap_err_t **result_err)
int apr_ldap_info (apr_pool_t *pool, apr_ldap_err_t **result_err)
int apr_ldap_get_option (apr_pool_t *pool, LDAP *ldap, int option, void *outvalue, apr_ldap_err_t **result_err)
int apr_ldap_set_option (apr_pool_t *pool, LDAP *ldap, int option, const void *invalue, apr_ldap_err_t **result_err)

Define Documentation

#define APR_LDAP_CA_TYPE_BASE64   2

PEM encoded CA certificate


Openldap directory full of base64-encoded cert authorities with hashes in corresponding .0 directory


Netscape/Mozilla cert7.db CA certificate database

#define APR_LDAP_CA_TYPE_DER   1

binary DER encoded CA certificate


Netscape/Mozilla secmod file


Structures for the apr_set_option() cases APR_LDAP_OPT_TLS_CERT

This structure includes possible options to set certificates on system initialisation. Different SDKs have different certificate requirements, and to achieve this multiple certificates must be specified at once passed as an (apr_array_header_t *).

Netscape: Needs the CA cert database (cert7.db), the client cert database (key3.db) and the security module file (secmod.db) set at the system initialisation time. Three types are supported: APR_LDAP_CERT7_DB, APR_LDAP_KEY3_DB and APR_LDAP_SECMOD.

To specify a client cert connection, a certificate nickname needs to be provided with a type of APR_LDAP_CERT. int ldapssl_enable_clientauth( LDAP *ld, char *keynickname, char *keypasswd, char *certnickname ); keynickname is currently not used, and should be set to ""

Novell: Needs CA certificates and client certificates set at system initialisation time. Three types are supported: APR_LDAP_CA*, APR_LDAP_CERT* and APR_LDAP_KEY*.

Certificates cannot be specified per connection.

The functions used are: ldapssl_add_trusted_cert(serverTrustedRoot, serverTrustedRootEncoding); Clients certs and keys are set at system initialisation time with int ldapssl_set_client_cert ( void *cert, int type void *password); type can be LDAPSSL_CERT_FILETYPE_B64 or LDAPSSL_CERT_FILETYPE_DER ldapssl_set_client_private_key(clientPrivateKey, clientPrivateKeyEncoding, clientPrivateKeyPassword);

OpenSSL: Needs one or more CA certificates to be set at system initialisation time with a type of APR_LDAP_CA*.

May have one or more client certificates set per connection with a type of APR_LDAP_CERT*, and keys with APR_LDAP_KEY*. CA certificate type unknown


PEM encoded client certificate


binary DER encoded client certificate


Netscape/Mozilla key3.db client certificate database


Netscape/Mozilla client certificate nickname


PKCS#12 encoded client certificate


Client certificate type unknown

#define APR_LDAP_KEY_TYPE_BASE64   12

PEM encoded private key

#define APR_LDAP_KEY_TYPE_DER   11

binary DER encoded private key

#define APR_LDAP_KEY_TYPE_PFX   14

PKCS#12 encoded private key


Private key type unknown

#define APR_LDAP_NONE   0


This sets the SSL level on the LDAP handle.

Netscape/Mozilla: Supports SSL, but not STARTTLS SSL is enabled by calling ldapssl_install_routines().

Novell: Supports SSL and STARTTLS. SSL is enabled by calling ldapssl_install_routines(). Note that calling other ldap functions before ldapssl_install_routines() may cause this function to fail. STARTTLS is enabled by calling ldapssl_start_tls_s() after calling ldapssl_install_routines() (check this).

OpenLDAP: Supports SSL and supports STARTTLS, but none of this is documented: http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200409/msg00618.html Documentation for both SSL support and STARTTLS has been deleted from the OpenLDAP documentation and website. No encryption

#define APR_LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS   0x6ffc

Set the LDAP library to indicate if referrals should be chased during LDAP searches.


Set the LDAP library to indicate a maximum number of referral hops to chase before giving up on the search.

#define APR_LDAP_OPT_TLS   0x6fff


#define APR_LDAP_OPT_TLS_CERT   0x6ffe

Set zero or more CA certificates, client certificates or private keys globally, or per connection (where supported).

#define APR_LDAP_OPT_VERIFY_CERT   0x6ffd

Set the LDAP library to no verify the server certificate. This means all servers are considered trusted.

#define APR_LDAP_SSL   1

SSL encryption (ldaps://)


TLS encryption (STARTTLS)

#define APR_LDAP_STOPTLS   3

end TLS encryption (STOPTLS)


Macro to detect security related return values.



    : 0

Typedef Documentation

Certificate structure.

This structure is used to store certificate details. An array of these structures is passed to apr_ldap_set_option() to set CA and client certificates.

type Type of certificate APR_LDAP_*_TYPE_*
path Path, file or nickname of the certificate
password Optional password, can be NULL

Function Documentation

int apr_ldap_get_option ( apr_pool_t *  pool,
LDAP *  ldap,
int  option,
void *  outvalue,
apr_ldap_err_t **  result_err 

APR LDAP get option function

This function gets option values from a given LDAP session if one was specified. It maps to the native ldap_get_option() function.

pool The pool to use
ldap The LDAP handle
option The LDAP_OPT_* option to return
outvalue The value returned (if any)
result_err The apr_ldap_err_t structure contained detailed results of the operation.

int apr_ldap_info ( apr_pool_t *  pool,
apr_ldap_err_t **  result_err 

APR LDAP info function

This function returns a string describing the LDAP toolkit currently in use. The string is placed inside result_err->reason.

pool The pool to use
result_err The returned result

int apr_ldap_init ( apr_pool_t *  pool,
LDAP **  ldap,
const char *  hostname,
int  portno,
int  secure,
apr_ldap_err_t **  result_err 

APR LDAP initialise function

This function is responsible for initialising an LDAP connection in a toolkit independant way. It does the job of ldap_init() from the C api.

It handles both the SSL and non-SSL case, and attempts to hide the complexity setup from the user. This function assumes that any certificate setup necessary has already been done.

If SSL or STARTTLS needs to be enabled, and the underlying toolkit supports it, the following values are accepted for secure:

APR_LDAP_NONE: No encryption APR_LDAP_SSL: SSL encryption (ldaps://) APR_LDAP_STARTTLS: Force STARTTLS on ldap://

The Novell toolkit is only able to set the SSL mode via this function. To work around this limitation, set the SSL mode here if no per connection client certificates are present, otherwise set secure APR_LDAP_NONE here, then set the per connection client certificates, followed by setting the SSL mode via apr_ldap_set_option(). As Novell does not support per connection client certificates, this problem is worked around while still being compatible with other LDAP toolkits.
pool The pool to use
ldap The LDAP handle
hostname The name of the host to connect to. This can be either a DNS name, or an IP address.
portno The port to connect to
secure The security mode to set
result_err The returned result

int apr_ldap_set_option ( apr_pool_t *  pool,
LDAP *  ldap,
int  option,
const void *  invalue,
apr_ldap_err_t **  result_err 

APR LDAP set option function

This function sets option values to a given LDAP session if one was specified. It maps to the native ldap_set_option() function.

Where an option is not supported by an LDAP toolkit, this function will try and apply legacy functions to achieve the same effect, depending on the platform.

pool The pool to use
ldap The LDAP handle
option The LDAP_OPT_* option to set
invalue The value to set
result_err The apr_ldap_err_t structure contained detailed results of the operation.

int apr_ldap_ssl_deinit ( void   ) 

APR LDAP SSL De-Initialise function

This function tears down any SSL certificate setup previously set using apr_ldap_ssl_init(). It should be called to clean up if a graceful restart of a service is attempted.

currently we do not check whether apr_ldap_ssl_init() has been called first - we probably should.

int apr_ldap_ssl_init ( apr_pool_t *  pool,
const char *  cert_auth_file,
int  cert_file_type,
apr_ldap_err_t **  result_err 

APR LDAP SSL Initialise function

This function initialises SSL on the underlying LDAP toolkit if this is necessary.

If a CA certificate is provided, this is set, however the setting of certificates via this method has been deprecated and will be removed in APR v2.0.

The apr_ldap_set_option() function with the APR_LDAP_OPT_TLS_CERT option should be used instead to set certificates.

If SSL support is not available on this platform, or a problem was encountered while trying to set the certificate, the function will return APR_EGENERAL. Further LDAP specific error information can be found in result_err.

pool The pool to use
cert_auth_file The name of the certificate to use, can be NULL
cert_file_type The type of certificate specified. See the apr_ldap_set_option() APR_LDAP_OPT_TLS_CERT option for details.
result_err The returned result

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