Apache Portable Runtime Utility Library
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UUID Handling

Data Structures

struct  apr_uuid_t




void apr_uuid_get (apr_uuid_t *uuid)
void apr_uuid_format (char *buffer, const apr_uuid_t *uuid)
apr_status_t apr_uuid_parse (apr_uuid_t *uuid, const char *uuid_str)

Detailed Description

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UUIDs are formatted as: 00112233-4455-6677-8899-AABBCCDDEEFF

Function Documentation

void apr_uuid_format ( char *  buffer,
const apr_uuid_t uuid 

Format a UUID into a string, following the standard format

bufferThe buffer to place the formatted UUID string into. It must be at least APR_UUID_FORMATTED_LENGTH + 1 bytes long to hold the formatted UUID and a null terminator
uuidThe UUID to format
void apr_uuid_get ( apr_uuid_t uuid)

Generate and return a (new) UUID

uuidThe resulting UUID
apr_status_t apr_uuid_parse ( apr_uuid_t uuid,
const char *  uuid_str 

Parse a standard-format string into a UUID

uuidThe resulting UUID
uuid_strThe formatted UUID