apr_version.h File Reference

APR Versioning Interface. More...

#include "apr.h"

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Data Structures

struct  apr_version_t


#define APR_PATCH_VERSION   17
#define APR_IS_DEV_STRING   ""


void apr_version (apr_version_t *pvsn)
const char * apr_version_string (void)

Detailed Description

APR Versioning Interface.

APR's Version

There are several different mechanisms for accessing the version. There is a string form, and a set of numbers; in addition, there are constants which can be compiled into your application, and you can query the library being used for its actual version.

Note that it is possible for an application to detect that it has been compiled against a different version of APR by use of the compile-time constants and the use of the run-time query function.

APR version numbering follows the guidelines specified in:


Define Documentation

#define APR_IS_DEV_STRING   ""

Internal: string form of the "is dev" flag


major version Major API changes that could cause compatibility problems for older programs such as structure size changes. No binary compatibility is possible across a change in the major version.


Minor API changes that do not cause binary compatibility problems. Should be reset to 0 when upgrading APR_MAJOR_VERSION

#define APR_PATCH_VERSION   17

patch level



The formatted string of APR's version

Function Documentation

void apr_version ( apr_version_t pvsn  ) 

Return APR's version information information in a numeric form.

pvsn Pointer to a version structure for returning the version information.

const char* apr_version_string ( void   ) 

Return APR's version information as a string.

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