apr_sockaddr_t Struct Reference
[Network Routines]

#include <apr_network_io.h>

Data Fields

char * hostname
char * servname
apr_port_t port
apr_int32_t family
union {
   sockaddr_in   sin
   sockaddr_in6   sin6
apr_socklen_t salen
int ipaddr_len
int addr_str_len
void * ipaddr_ptr

Detailed Description

APRs socket address type, used to ensure protocol independence

Field Documentation

apr_pool_t* apr_sockaddr_t::pool

The pool to use...

char* apr_sockaddr_t::hostname

The hostname

char* apr_sockaddr_t::servname

Either a string of the port number or the service name for the port

apr_port_t apr_sockaddr_t::port

The numeric port

apr_int32_t apr_sockaddr_t::family

The family

struct sockaddr_in apr_sockaddr_t::sin [read]

IPv4 sockaddr structure

struct sockaddr_in6 apr_sockaddr_t::sin6 [read]

IPv6 sockaddr structure

union { ... } apr_sockaddr_t::sa

Union of either IPv4 or IPv6 sockaddr.

apr_socklen_t apr_sockaddr_t::salen

How big is the sockaddr we're using?

int apr_sockaddr_t::ipaddr_len

How big is the ip address structure we're using?

int apr_sockaddr_t::addr_str_len

How big should the address buffer be? 16 for v4 or 46 for v6 used in inet_ntop...

void* apr_sockaddr_t::ipaddr_ptr

This points to the IP address structure within the appropriate sockaddr structure.

apr_sockaddr_t* apr_sockaddr_t::next

If multiple addresses were found by apr_sockaddr_info_get(), this points to a representation of the next address.

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