Filename Matching Functions
[Apache Portability Runtime library]


#define APR_FNM_NOMATCH   1
#define APR_FNM_NOESCAPE   0x01
#define APR_FNM_PATHNAME   0x02
#define APR_FNM_PERIOD   0x04
#define APR_FNM_CASE_BLIND   0x08


apr_status_t apr_fnmatch (const char *pattern, const char *strings, int flags)
int apr_fnmatch_test (const char *pattern)
apr_status_t apr_match_glob (const char *pattern, apr_array_header_t **result, apr_pool_t *p)

Define Documentation

#define APR_FNM_CASE_BLIND   0x08

Compare characters case-insensitively.

This flag is an Apache addition

#define APR_FNM_NOESCAPE   0x01

Disable backslash escaping.

#define APR_FNM_NOMATCH   1

Match failed.

#define APR_FNM_PATHNAME   0x02

Slash must be matched by slash.

#define APR_FNM_PERIOD   0x04

Period must be matched by period.

Function Documentation

apr_status_t apr_fnmatch ( const char *  pattern,
const char *  strings,
int  flags 

Try to match the string to the given pattern, return APR_SUCCESS if match, else return APR_FNM_NOMATCH.

pattern The pattern to match to
strings The string we are trying to match
flags flags to use in the match. Bitwise OR of:
              APR_FNM_NOESCAPE       Disable backslash escaping
              APR_FNM_PATHNAME       Slash must be matched by slash
              APR_FNM_PERIOD         Period must be matched by period
              APR_FNM_CASE_BLIND     Compare characters case-insensitively.

int apr_fnmatch_test ( const char *  pattern  ) 

Determine if the given pattern is a regular expression.

pattern The pattern to search for glob characters.
non-zero if pattern has any glob characters in it

apr_status_t apr_match_glob ( const char *  pattern,
apr_array_header_t **  result,
apr_pool_t p 

Find all files that match a specified pattern.

pattern The pattern to use for finding files.
result Array to use when storing the results
p The pool to use.
non-zero if pattern has any glob characters in it

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