apr_os_sock_info_t Struct Reference
[Portability Routines]

#include <apr_portable.h>

Data Fields

struct sockaddr * local
struct sockaddr * remote
int family
int type
int protocol

Detailed Description

everything APR needs to know about an active socket to construct an APR socket from it; currently, this is platform-independent

Field Documentation

always required

struct sockaddr* apr_os_sock_info_t::local [read]

NULL if not yet bound

struct sockaddr* apr_os_sock_info_t::remote [read]

NULL if not connected

always required (APR_INET, APR_INET6, etc.)

always required (SOCK_STREAM, SOCK_DGRAM, etc.)

0 or actual protocol (APR_PROTO_SCTP, APR_PROTO_TCP, etc.)

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