apr_sockaddr_t Struct Reference
[Network Routines]

#include <apr_network_io.h>

Data Fields

char * hostname
char * servname
apr_port_t port
apr_int32_t family
apr_socklen_t salen
int ipaddr_len
int addr_str_len
void * ipaddr_ptr
union {
   struct sockaddr_in   sin
   struct sockaddr_in6   sin6
   struct sockaddr_storage   sas

Detailed Description

APRs socket address type, used to ensure protocol independence

Field Documentation

The pool to use...

The hostname

Either a string of the port number or the service name for the port

The numeric port

The family

apr_socklen_t apr_sockaddr_t::salen

How big is the sockaddr we're using?

How big is the ip address structure we're using?

How big should the address buffer be? 16 for v4 or 46 for v6 used in inet_ntop...

This points to the IP address structure within the appropriate sockaddr structure.

If multiple addresses were found by apr_sockaddr_info_get(), this points to a representation of the next address.

struct sockaddr_in apr_sockaddr_t::sin [read]

IPv4 sockaddr structure

struct sockaddr_in6 apr_sockaddr_t::sin6 [read]

IPv6 sockaddr structure

struct sockaddr_storage apr_sockaddr_t::sas [read]

Placeholder to ensure that the size of this union is not dependent on whether APR_HAVE_IPV6 is defined.

union { ... } apr_sockaddr_t::sa

Union of either IPv4 or IPv6 sockaddr.

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