apr_time_exp_t Struct Reference
[Time Routines]

#include <apr_time.h>

Data Fields

apr_int32_t tm_usec
apr_int32_t tm_sec
apr_int32_t tm_min
apr_int32_t tm_hour
apr_int32_t tm_mday
apr_int32_t tm_mon
apr_int32_t tm_year
apr_int32_t tm_wday
apr_int32_t tm_yday
apr_int32_t tm_isdst
apr_int32_t tm_gmtoff

Detailed Description

a structure similar to ANSI struct tm with the following differences:

Field Documentation

microseconds past tm_sec

(0-61) seconds past tm_min

(0-59) minutes past tm_hour

(0-23) hours past midnight

(1-31) day of the month

(0-11) month of the year

year since 1900

(0-6) days since sunday

(0-365) days since jan 1

daylight saving time

seconds east of UTC

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