Apache Portable Runtime
Data Fields
apr_proc_t Struct Reference

#include <apr_thread_proc.h>

Data Fields

pid_t pid
char * invoked
HANDLE hproc

Detailed Description

The APR process type

Field Documentation

Parent's side of pipe to child's stdouterr

(Win32 only) Creator's handle granting access to the process

This handle is closed and reset to NULL in every case corresponding to a waitpid() on Unix which returns the exit status. Therefore Win32 correspond's to Unix's zombie reaping characteristics and avoids potential handle leaks.

Parent's side of pipe to child's stdin

Diagnositics/debugging string of the command invoked for this process [only present if APR_HAS_PROC_INVOKED is true]

Only enabled on Win32 by default.
This should either always or never be present in release builds - since it breaks binary compatibility. We may enable it always in APR 1.0 yet leave it undefined in most cases.

Parent's side of pipe to child's stdout

The process ID

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