SDBM library
[DBM routines]

Data Structures

struct  apr_sdbm_datum_t


#define APR_SDBM_DIRFEXT   ".dir"
#define APR_SDBM_PAGFEXT   ".pag"
#define APR_SDBM_INSERT   0
#define APR_SDBM_REPLACE   1


typedef apr_sdbm_t apr_sdbm_t


apr_status_t apr_sdbm_open (apr_sdbm_t **db, const char *name, apr_int32_t mode, apr_fileperms_t perms, apr_pool_t *p)
apr_status_t apr_sdbm_close (apr_sdbm_t *db)
apr_status_t apr_sdbm_lock (apr_sdbm_t *db, int type)
apr_status_t apr_sdbm_unlock (apr_sdbm_t *db)
apr_status_t apr_sdbm_fetch (apr_sdbm_t *db, apr_sdbm_datum_t *value, apr_sdbm_datum_t key)
apr_status_t apr_sdbm_store (apr_sdbm_t *db, apr_sdbm_datum_t key, apr_sdbm_datum_t value, int opt)
apr_status_t apr_sdbm_delete (apr_sdbm_t *db, const apr_sdbm_datum_t key)
apr_status_t apr_sdbm_firstkey (apr_sdbm_t *db, apr_sdbm_datum_t *key)
apr_status_t apr_sdbm_nextkey (apr_sdbm_t *db, apr_sdbm_datum_t *key)
int apr_sdbm_rdonly (apr_sdbm_t *db)

Define Documentation

#define APR_SDBM_DIRFEXT   ".dir"

SDBM Directory file extension

#define APR_SDBM_INSERT   0



Insert with duplicates

#define APR_SDBM_PAGFEXT   ".pag"

SDBM page file extension

#define APR_SDBM_REPLACE   1


Typedef Documentation

typedef struct apr_sdbm_t apr_sdbm_t

Structure for referencing an sdbm

Function Documentation

apr_status_t apr_sdbm_close ( apr_sdbm_t db  ) 

Close an sdbm file previously opened by apr_sdbm_open

db The database to close

apr_status_t apr_sdbm_delete ( apr_sdbm_t db,
const apr_sdbm_datum_t  key 

Delete an sdbm record value by key

db The database
key The key datum of the record to delete
It is not an error to delete a non-existent record.

apr_status_t apr_sdbm_fetch ( apr_sdbm_t db,
apr_sdbm_datum_t value,
apr_sdbm_datum_t  key 

Fetch an sdbm record value by key

db The database
value The value datum retrieved for this record
key The key datum to find this record

apr_status_t apr_sdbm_firstkey ( apr_sdbm_t db,
apr_sdbm_datum_t key 

Retrieve the first record key from a dbm

db The database
key The key datum of the first record
The keys returned are not ordered. To traverse the list of keys for an sdbm opened with APR_SHARELOCK, the caller must use apr_sdbm_lock prior to retrieving the first record, and hold the lock until after the last call to apr_sdbm_nextkey.

apr_status_t apr_sdbm_lock ( apr_sdbm_t db,
int  type 

Lock an sdbm database for concurency of multiple operations

db The database to lock
type The lock type
Calls to apr_sdbm_lock may be nested. All apr_sdbm functions perform implicit locking. Since an APR_FLOCK_SHARED lock cannot be portably promoted to an APR_FLOCK_EXCLUSIVE lock, apr_sdbm_store and apr_sdbm_delete calls will fail if an APR_FLOCK_SHARED lock is held. The apr_sdbm_lock call requires the database to be opened with the APR_SHARELOCK mode value.

apr_status_t apr_sdbm_nextkey ( apr_sdbm_t db,
apr_sdbm_datum_t key 

Retrieve the next record key from an sdbm

db The database
key The key datum of the next record

apr_status_t apr_sdbm_open ( apr_sdbm_t **  db,
const char *  name,
apr_int32_t  mode,
apr_fileperms_t  perms,
apr_pool_t *  p 

Open an sdbm database by file name

db The newly opened database
name The sdbm file to open
mode The flag values (APR_READ and APR_BINARY flags are implicit)
           APR_WRITE          open for read-write access
           APR_CREATE         create the sdbm if it does not exist
           APR_TRUNCATE       empty the contents of the sdbm
           APR_EXCL           fail for APR_CREATE if the file exists
           APR_DELONCLOSE     delete the sdbm when closed
           APR_SHARELOCK      support locking across process/machines
perms Permissions to apply to if created
p The pool to use when creating the sdbm
The sdbm name is not a true file name, as sdbm appends suffixes for seperate data and index files.

int apr_sdbm_rdonly ( apr_sdbm_t db  ) 

Returns true if the sdbm database opened for read-only access

db The database to test

apr_status_t apr_sdbm_store ( apr_sdbm_t db,
apr_sdbm_datum_t  key,
apr_sdbm_datum_t  value,
int  opt 

Store an sdbm record value by key

db The database
key The key datum to store this record by
value The value datum to store in this record
opt The method used to store the record
           APR_SDBM_INSERT     return an error if the record exists
           APR_SDBM_REPLACE    overwrite any existing record for key

apr_status_t apr_sdbm_unlock ( apr_sdbm_t db  ) 

Release an sdbm lock previously aquired by apr_sdbm_lock

db The database to unlock

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