APR Utility Functions


 Base64 Encoding
 Bucket Brigades
 Date routines
 DBD routines
 DBM routines
 Hook Functions
 MD4 Library
 Optional Functions
 Thread Safe FIFO bounded queue
 Resource List Routines
 Relocatable Memory Management Routines
 String matching routines


#define APU_DECLARE(type)   type
#define APU_DECLARE_NONSTD(type)   type
#define APU_HAVE_SDBM   1
#define APU_HAVE_GDBM   0
#define APU_HAVE_NDBM   0
#define APU_HAVE_DB   0
#define APU_HAVE_PGSQL   1
#define APU_HAVE_MYSQL   0
#define APU_HAVE_SQLITE3   1
#define APU_HAVE_SQLITE2   1
#define APU_HAVE_APR_ICONV   0
#define APU_HAVE_ICONV   1

Define Documentation

#define APU_DECLARE ( type   )     type

The public APR-UTIL functions are declared with APU_DECLARE(), so they may use the most appropriate calling convention. Public APR functions with variable arguments must use APU_DECLARE_NONSTD().

APU_DECLARE(rettype) apr_func(args);


The public APR-UTIL variables are declared with APU_DECLARE_DATA. This assures the appropriate indirection is invoked at compile time.

APU_DECLARE_DATA type apr_variable; APU_DECLARE_DATA extern type apr_variable; syntax is required for declarations within headers to properly import the variable.

#define APU_DECLARE_NONSTD ( type   )     type

The public APR-UTIL functions using variable arguments are declared with APU_DECLARE_NONSTD(), as they must use the C language calling convention.

APU_DECLARE_NONSTD(rettype) apr_func(args, ...);

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