Apache Portable Runtime Utility Library
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 apr_anylock.hAPR-Util transparent any lock flavor wrapper
 apr_base64.hAPR-UTIL Base64 Encoding
 apr_buckets.hAPR-UTIL Buckets/Bucket Brigades
 apr_crypto.hAPR-UTIL Crypto library
 apr_date.hAPR-UTIL date routines
 apr_dbd.hAPR-UTIL DBD library
 apr_dbm.hAPR-UTIL DBM library
 apr_hooks.hApache hook functions
 apr_ldap_init.hAPR-UTIL LDAP ldap_init() functions
 apr_ldap_option.hAPR-UTIL LDAP ldap_*_option() functions
 apr_ldap_rebind.hApache LDAP library
 apr_ldap_url.hAPR-UTIL LDAP ldap_init() functions
 apr_md4.hAPR-UTIL MD4 Library
 apr_md5.hAPR MD5 Routines
 apr_memcache.hClient interface for memcached
 apr_optional.hAPR-UTIL registration of functions exported by modules
 apr_optional_hooks.hApache optional hook functions
 apr_queue.hThread Safe FIFO bounded queue
 apr_reslist.hAPR-UTIL Resource List Routines
 apr_rmm.hAPR-UTIL Relocatable Memory Management Routines
 apr_sdbm.hApr-util SDBM library
 apr_sha1.hAPR-UTIL SHA1 library
 apr_strmatch.hAPR-UTIL string matching routines
 apr_thread_pool.hAPR Thread Pool Library
 apr_uri.hAPR-UTIL URI Routines
 apr_uuid.hAPR UUID library
 apr_xlate.hAPR I18N translation library
 apr_xml.hAPR-UTIL XML Library
 apu_errno.hAPR-Util Error Codes
 apu_version.hAPR-util Versioning Interface
 apr_ldap.hAPR-UTIL LDAP
 apu_want.hAPR Standard Headers Support