Apache Portable Runtime Utility Library
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apr_md4.h File Reference

APR-UTIL MD4 Library. More...

#include "apu.h"
#include "apr_xlate.h"

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Data Structures

struct  apr_md4_ctx_t


#define APR_MD4_DIGESTSIZE   16


typedef struct apr_md4_ctx_t apr_md4_ctx_t


apr_status_t apr_md4_init (apr_md4_ctx_t *context)
apr_status_t apr_md4_set_xlate (apr_md4_ctx_t *context, apr_xlate_t *xlate)
apr_status_t apr_md4_update (apr_md4_ctx_t *context, const unsigned char *input, apr_size_t inputLen)
apr_status_t apr_md4_final (unsigned char digest[APR_MD4_DIGESTSIZE], apr_md4_ctx_t *context)
apr_status_t apr_md4 (unsigned char digest[APR_MD4_DIGESTSIZE], const unsigned char *input, apr_size_t inputLen)

Detailed Description

APR-UTIL MD4 Library.