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apr_sdbm.h File Reference

apr-util SDBM library More...

#include "apu.h"
#include "apr_errno.h"
#include "apr_file_io.h"

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Data Structures

struct  apr_sdbm_datum_t


#define APR_SDBM_DIRFEXT   ".dir"
#define APR_SDBM_PAGFEXT   ".pag"
#define APR_SDBM_INSERT   0
#define APR_SDBM_REPLACE   1


typedef struct apr_sdbm_t apr_sdbm_t


apr_status_t apr_sdbm_open (apr_sdbm_t **db, const char *name, apr_int32_t mode, apr_fileperms_t perms, apr_pool_t *p)
apr_status_t apr_sdbm_close (apr_sdbm_t *db)
apr_status_t apr_sdbm_lock (apr_sdbm_t *db, int type)
apr_status_t apr_sdbm_unlock (apr_sdbm_t *db)
apr_status_t apr_sdbm_fetch (apr_sdbm_t *db, apr_sdbm_datum_t *value, apr_sdbm_datum_t key)
apr_status_t apr_sdbm_store (apr_sdbm_t *db, apr_sdbm_datum_t key, apr_sdbm_datum_t value, int opt)
apr_status_t apr_sdbm_delete (apr_sdbm_t *db, const apr_sdbm_datum_t key)
apr_status_t apr_sdbm_firstkey (apr_sdbm_t *db, apr_sdbm_datum_t *key)
apr_status_t apr_sdbm_nextkey (apr_sdbm_t *db, apr_sdbm_datum_t *key)
int apr_sdbm_rdonly (apr_sdbm_t *db)

Detailed Description

apr-util SDBM library