apr_memnode_t Struct Reference
[Internal Memory Allocation]

#include <apr_allocator.h>

Data Fields

apr_memnode_t ** ref
apr_uint32_t index
apr_uint32_t free_index
char * first_avail
char * endp

Detailed Description

basic memory node structure
The next, ref and first_avail fields are available for use by the caller of apr_allocator_alloc(), the remaining fields are read-only. The next field has to be used with caution and sensibly set when the memnode is passed back to apr_allocator_free(). See apr_allocator_free() for details. The ref and first_avail fields will be properly restored by apr_allocator_free().

Field Documentation

next memnode

reference to self

apr_uint32_t apr_memnode_t::index


how much free

pointer to first free memory

pointer to end of free memory

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