Apache Portable Runtime
Data Fields

#include <apr_file_info.h>

Data Fields

apr_int32_t valid
apr_fileperms_t protection
apr_filetype_e filetype
apr_uid_t user
apr_gid_t group
apr_ino_t inode
apr_dev_t device
apr_int32_t nlink
apr_off_t size
apr_off_t csize
apr_time_t atime
apr_time_t mtime
apr_time_t ctime
const char * fname
const char * name
struct apr_file_tfilehand

Detailed Description

The file information structure. This is analogous to the POSIX stat structure.

Field Documentation

apr_time_t apr_finfo_t::atime

The time the file was last accessed

apr_off_t apr_finfo_t::csize

The storage size consumed by the file

apr_time_t apr_finfo_t::ctime

The time the file was created, or the inode was last changed

apr_dev_t apr_finfo_t::device

The id of the device the file is on.

struct apr_file_t* apr_finfo_t::filehand


apr_filetype_e apr_finfo_t::filetype

The type of file. One of APR_REG, APR_DIR, APR_CHR, APR_BLK, APR_PIPE, APR_LNK or APR_SOCK. If the type is undetermined, the value is APR_NOFILE. If the type cannot be determined, the value is APR_UNKFILE.

const char* apr_finfo_t::fname

The pathname of the file (possibly unrooted)

apr_gid_t apr_finfo_t::group

The group id that owns the file

apr_ino_t apr_finfo_t::inode

The inode of the file.

apr_time_t apr_finfo_t::mtime

The time the file was last modified

const char* apr_finfo_t::name

The file's name (no path) in filesystem case

apr_int32_t apr_finfo_t::nlink

The number of hard links to the file.

apr_pool_t* apr_finfo_t::pool

Allocates memory and closes lingering handles in the specified pool

apr_fileperms_t apr_finfo_t::protection

The access permissions of the file. Mimics Unix access rights.

apr_off_t apr_finfo_t::size

The size of the file

apr_uid_t apr_finfo_t::user

The user id that owns the file

apr_int32_t apr_finfo_t::valid

The bitmask describing valid fields of this apr_finfo_t structure including all available 'wanted' fields and potentially more

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