Apache Portable Runtime
Data Fields
apr_memcache_stats_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

const char * version
apr_uint32_t pid
apr_uint32_t uptime
apr_time_t time
apr_uint32_t pointer_size
apr_time_t rusage_user
apr_time_t rusage_system
apr_uint32_t curr_items
apr_uint32_t total_items
apr_uint64_t bytes
apr_uint32_t curr_connections
apr_uint32_t total_connections
apr_uint32_t connection_structures
apr_uint32_t cmd_get
apr_uint32_t cmd_set
apr_uint32_t get_hits
apr_uint32_t get_misses
apr_uint64_t evictions
apr_uint64_t bytes_read
apr_uint64_t bytes_written
apr_uint32_t limit_maxbytes
apr_uint32_t threads

Field Documentation

apr_uint64_t apr_memcache_stats_t::bytes

Current number of bytes used by this server to store items

apr_uint64_t apr_memcache_stats_t::bytes_read

Total number of bytes read by this server

apr_uint64_t apr_memcache_stats_t::bytes_written

Total number of bytes sent by this server

apr_uint32_t apr_memcache_stats_t::cmd_get

Cumulative number of retrieval requests

apr_uint32_t apr_memcache_stats_t::cmd_set

Cumulative number of storage requests

apr_uint32_t apr_memcache_stats_t::connection_structures

Number of connection structures allocated by the server

apr_uint32_t apr_memcache_stats_t::curr_connections

Number of open connections

apr_uint32_t apr_memcache_stats_t::curr_items

Current number of items stored by the server

apr_uint64_t apr_memcache_stats_t::evictions

Number of items removed from cache because they passed their expiration time

apr_uint32_t apr_memcache_stats_t::get_hits

Number of keys that have been requested and found present

apr_uint32_t apr_memcache_stats_t::get_misses

Number of items that have been requested and not found

apr_uint32_t apr_memcache_stats_t::limit_maxbytes

Number of bytes this server is allowed to use for storage.

apr_uint32_t apr_memcache_stats_t::pid

Process id of this server process

apr_uint32_t apr_memcache_stats_t::pointer_size

The size of a pointer on the current machine

apr_time_t apr_memcache_stats_t::rusage_system

Accumulated system time for this process

apr_time_t apr_memcache_stats_t::rusage_user

Accumulated user time for this process

apr_uint32_t apr_memcache_stats_t::threads

Number of threads the server is running (if built with threading)

apr_time_t apr_memcache_stats_t::time

current UNIX time according to the server

apr_uint32_t apr_memcache_stats_t::total_connections

Total number of connections opened since the server started running

apr_uint32_t apr_memcache_stats_t::total_items

Total number of items stored by this server

apr_uint32_t apr_memcache_stats_t::uptime

Number of seconds this server has been running

const char* apr_memcache_stats_t::version

Version string of this server

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