Apache Portable Runtime
Data Fields

#include <apr_memcache.h>

Data Fields

apr_uint32_t flags
apr_uint16_t nalloc
apr_uint16_t ntotal
apr_memcache_server_t ** live_servers
void * hash_baton
apr_memcache_hash_func hash_func
void * server_baton
apr_memcache_server_func server_func

Detailed Description

Container for a set of memcached servers

Field Documentation

apr_uint32_t apr_memcache_t::flags

Flags, Not currently used

void* apr_memcache_t::hash_baton

Pool to use for allocations

apr_memcache_server_t** apr_memcache_t::live_servers

Array of Servers

apr_uint16_t apr_memcache_t::nalloc

Number of Servers Allocated

apr_uint16_t apr_memcache_t::ntotal

Number of Servers Added

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