Apache Portable Runtime
File Seek Flags
File I/O Handling Functions


#define APR_SET   SEEK_SET
#define APR_CUR   SEEK_CUR
#define APR_END   SEEK_END

Detailed Description

APR_FOPEN_LARGEFILE flag only has effect on some platforms where sizeof(apr_off_t) == 4. Where implemented, it allows opening and writing to a file which exceeds the size which can be represented by apr_off_t (2 gigabytes). When a file's size does exceed 2Gb, apr_file_info_get() will fail with an error on the descriptor, likewise apr_stat()/apr_lstat() will fail on the filename. apr_dir_read() will fail with APR_INCOMPLETE on a directory entry for a large file depending on the particular APR_FINFO_* flags. Generally, it is not recommended to use this flag.
APR_FOPEN_SPARSE may, depending on platform, convert a normal file to a sparse file. Some applications may be unable to decipher a sparse file, so it's critical that the sparse file flag should only be used for files accessed only by APR or other applications known to be able to decipher them. APR does not guarantee that it will compress the file into sparse segments if it was previously created and written without the sparse flag. On platforms which do not understand, or on file systems which cannot handle sparse files, the flag is ignored by apr_file_open().

Define Documentation

#define APR_CUR   SEEK_CUR


#define APR_END   SEEK_END

Go to end of file

#define APR_SET   SEEK_SET

Set the file position

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