Apache Portable Runtime
DSO (Dynamic Loading) Portability Routines
Portability Routines


apr_status_t apr_os_dso_handle_put (apr_dso_handle_t **dso, apr_os_dso_handle_t thedso, apr_pool_t *pool)
apr_status_t apr_os_dso_handle_get (apr_os_dso_handle_t *dso, apr_dso_handle_t *aprdso)

Function Documentation

apr_status_t apr_os_dso_handle_get ( apr_os_dso_handle_t dso,
apr_dso_handle_t aprdso 

convert the apr dso handle into an os specific one

aprdsoThe apr dso handle to convert
dsoThe os specific dso to return
apr_status_t apr_os_dso_handle_put ( apr_dso_handle_t **  dso,
apr_os_dso_handle_t  thedso,
apr_pool_t pool 

convert the dso handle from os specific to apr

dsoThe apr handle we are converting to
thedsothe os specific handle to convert
poolthe pool to use if it is needed
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